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If you and you partner decide you want me to book me to photograph your wedding (yaaay!) then please contact me and let me know your, wedding date and location and I will firstly check that I’m available and offer you a no obligation quote. I can then draw up the documents . l’ll send you an invoice with full details of your chosen wedding package and my terms & conditions. I’ll also need a £100 booking fee (which you can send via bank transfer, or cheque) . I’m very happy to meet face to face before booking. These days most clients chat on the phone/Face Time or via email to start with, then book me to secure the date and we can speak again closer to the wedding day. I do my client meetings in my home in Aston Clinton, Bucks or in one of my beautiful local pubs - often over a glass of wine!
Nope! In fact I’d say that reticent grooms are my speciality. For most of the day I’ll work really naturally and unobtrusively and you’ll be too busy having a fabulous time to notice me too much. I think it’s much more valuable to capture the actual story of the day, and the real moments rather than directing things. A photo of you laughing because your groom has said got his words in a muddle in the church is fantastic. Much better than you fake laughing because I’ve said ‘And now please laugh’. I do like to have around 20 mins away from your guests to take some couple portraits (more if you’re loving it, of course), but I do those in a natural way e.g. ‘Hold hands and stroll over there’ whilst I snap away.
Absolutely! I suggest keeping them to ten or fewer different combinations of people but I will do as many photos as you want if you’ve allocated time for them! I actually enjoy them, not least because I see how important they often are to parents and grandparents. I’m good at whizzing through them pretty quickly (ideally we’ll get them done in at least 20 mins) – Please, please re-order the shots to make them flow more quickly, and I would ask you to allocate an usher or two or someone to help round people up.
Absolutely- I bring at least two cameras to each wedding, multiple lenses, and several memory cards/batteries etc. So, it’s not a problem if something breaks.
I always post around 40-50 high resolution images in a secure online gallery within 24 hours of the wedding! All images has been edited and optimised and are fully downloadable. The rest of the work is completed in 2- 5 weeks (approx) from the wedding day, depending on how busy we are at the time
Absolutely yes! In fact, I strongly encourage you to print them, but please go to a very good company and please back up your pics too. To either your laptop/hard drive or another USB
I don’t usually do site visit’s because so much of the what really affects the photographs changes day to day – the light is the important part, so where I recommend doing bride/groom shots is different depending on whether it’s sunny or not, and the time of day/time of year because of course the sun is in different places in the sky at different times. If it’s really sunny there’s only a few angles relative to the sun that work (so you’re not squinting in the sun) so that is really crucial. Also of course surroundings can vary from place to place – what’s in bloom in a garden changes, whether a suppliers van will be in the background etc! I’ve photographed so many weddings that I’m used to assessing venues/light etc in the moment and working quickly and flexibly.
I shoot between 30 and 50 weddings a year. I've documented weddings of many faiths and cultures and have worked in hundreds of different venues in the past 12 years.
I will send you a “Wedding Day’ form. This just requests timings, locations etc for your big day. I do not need this back until around 4-6 weeks before your big day. A few weeks before your wedding I’ll touch base again and remind you to complete and send the form back to me if your haven’t already! Then we can talk it over by phone if you’d like, or you’re welcome to come over and chat or we can chat via email-whatever suits you best. Please feel free to follow me on Facebook or Instagram. (Please note this is our new Facebook account as unfortunately the previous account was hacked)
I won’t fib – I love food (you can tell by my figure!) and when working (which is pretty tiring) Its always great to be given a hot meal. I don’t need to be fed a three course wedding meal – although I won’t turn it down! Caterers often do a ‘crew meal’ that they give the band, photographer etc and it is really appreciated but certainly not essential. I have no specific dietary requirements
Yes! Furthermore (and this is the best part), I offer them at the moment for half price. £99 instead of the usual £200!
Absolutely! As well as my equipment being insured I have public liability insurance.
I generally work alone, but where necessary I can bring a second shooter. A second photographer can capture the reactions, emotions, and action from a different perspective than the primary photographer which can be a fantastic addition to your images. The (absolutely lovely) chap that works with me is the very talented Carl. You can view his work here: The cost for a second professional shooter is only £40 per hour. This of course includes extra pics and all editing. 4 hours minimum.
Carl , my second shooter will arrive at the other getting ready venue (where possible) and will capture the groom or other bride/groom making the finishing touches to their outfit. He will then follow them to the ceremony venue and arrange some photographs of them You will receive photographs of the guests arriving as well as ceremony room set up, allowing me to stay with the bride as late as possible. Throughout the day Carl and I will work together ensuring we never miss a moment. You will get two perspectives for the ceremony, speeches and first dance as we can be in two places at once! Group shots will be completed quicker as Carl will be able to organise the next group in advance.
Firstly, I’ve photographed hundreds of weddings and have never come close to missing a day. I’m pretty robust But I’m a member of several networks of photographers who cover each other in case of emergency so I’m confident someone would be able to cover.
I shoot everything in colour and turn the ones I think will look good into black and white (you will also have the colour version)
I personally hand edit every single photo, adjusting the contrast, colour tone cropping etc…. I do sometimes photoshop out the odd spot but the images are mainly pretty natural – although clients are often very happily surprised how fab they look without photoshopping! Professional photographs (taken with care to the lighting, professional kit and an eye for angle and composition) are so much more flattering than the awful photos our friends share of us on Facebook!
Nope! However, you can make up a photo album yourself once you have your finished USB memory stick back but please use a very good company! Alternatively a photo album can be added to your wedding package any time.
Absolutely yess! Everything on my Website (Crimson Sky Photography) has been captured by myself (Vanessa White)



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