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Ever since the invention of photography, the way of remembering life’s past moments has changed. From joyful memories to tough times, pictures capture and preserve everything for the generations to come. Since the beginning of photography, it has always been a specialised job which requires a certain set of skills. Wedding photographers in Herts are specialised in timeless, relaxed and heartfelt photography. Choosing a photographer for a wedding is really a very crucial task and specially a wedding photographer in Herts because there are many photographers there with good experience, skills and in budget. 
However, thanks to mobile phones with camera features, from a little kid to nearly everyone else has become a self made photographer. But a dedicated, skilled and professional photographer is still needed for special occasions, events etc. Just like any other invention, photography has also evolved with time. As people have always been pretty keen on making their occasions ‘really special’, professional photography is doing its best to give what people want.  Life is all about moments. Your wedding day will be full of them. Choose the wedding photographer that fits in your requirements. Herts wedding photographers are creative to capture the moments that will last for a lifetime with modern photography. In this blog, we will be looking at which latest trends modern photography has got in its bag for us. So, without wasting a fraction of a second, let’s go!
Smoke Bomb Photography:- Use of colorful smokes in photography has become super trendy. As one can imagine, colorful smokes give a charm and a kind of special effects to the pictures. All those people who want to give a different look to their pictures, it could be an interesting option.
Portrait Photography:- Such type of photography is about expressing your personality through a picture. With the use of right backgrounds, light & poses, portrait photography gives you a style that even you might have overlooked about yourself. 
Drone Photography:- A new view has evolved in photography and that is, ‘Top View’. Professional photographers have started to use drones to take shots from the sky. One of the coolest parts of it is that it covers a large area and gives us a view that we normally miss. Shots taken from above are really stunning and we feel like we have touched the sky through the pictures. 
As we are talking about taking beautiful shots from the sky, the CRIMSON SKY PHOTOGRAPHY has been capturing beautiful moments of special occasions for more than 10 years. We specialize in professional wedding photography, civil ceremony and events including birthday parties, proms, christenings & funerals. 
CRIMSON SKY PHOTOGRAPHY offers a comprehensive set of photography packages both complete and tailored, but one thing that remains the same no matter what package you choose, is that we strive to create images which are as dynamic as possible. We have the expertise, experience and passion to capture the beauty of the moments that you will remember forever through the pictures.
Services offered in various locations in UK:
We offer our specialized wedding photography services in beautiful locations, such as Aylesbury, St. Albans, High Wycombe, Hemel Hempstead, Watford, Marlow, Tring, Chesham, Amersham, Herts, Hertfordshire and Oxford. 
Whenever you plan to get married in such lovely locations, just give us a call and we will capture your special moments in pictures to cherish for life time. 


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